A Parking Lot Travesty

I know I can’t be the only person thinking this, pregnant or not, as my husband has declared the same thought:

All Parking Lots and Establishments should have Expectant Mother Parking Spaces!!!

Take a hint from Babies R Us, people!!!

Baby Bump on Board!

Baby Bump on Board!

Maybe once a woman hits 28 weeks pregnant they should give us a temporary Handicap tag or some kind of sticker that allows for special parking privileges.  It really can’t be that hard to figure out a good system!

Parking towards the ass end of a parking lot while almost 34 weeks pregnant is bad for everyone involved! It’s bad for me when I really have got to pee, like ASAP, and it’s bad for others who may slow me down while I’m trying my best to scoot into the store without peeing my pants. Can you say, “Look of Death??!”

Yes. I will shoot you the stink eye if you block my path. Beware!

Also, in the case of rain, the parking lot and walk to the store becomes dangerous and hostile territory! It’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to a war zone.  It sucks having to move at a normal pace and not being able to quickly shuffle into the dry, cozy confines of Target with everyone else.  Becoming drenched in sudden Texas storms has become all too familiar.

Shuffling/hurrying in the rain = enemy #1 while pregnant.

What if you slip and fall on the slippery surface? What if while slipping and falling you pee your pants? These are all very real risks.

For all these reasons, and more, I’m just dying for everyone to jump on the bandwagon and help us Preggos out!!

Rant over.

Have a peachy weekend. 🙂

One thought on “A Parking Lot Travesty

  1. What about the fact I was laughing so hard reading this I almost peed my pants! LOL!!!! And “stick eye” . . . I’m still laughing! You crack me Tenaya! Albeit entertaining, you have a point. Why not have parking spots for women after a certain point in pregnancy? But then someone will want “privileged” parking because they have infants, or they have multiple kids . . . At this point I feel I need “privileged” parking because of one thing or another. It’s a valid rant but right now the parking lots have way too many handicapped parking spots for those who may or may not really need it. Really, how many handicapped people can be in WMart or SAMs at one time! Have you seen how many spots they have reserved for the handicapped! It’s a lot!! Just be careful out there and pee often before leaving the house! And be careful of who you give the “stink eye” to! I’m laughing again! That cracks me up! You have no idea! I truly loved reading this as you are so talented expressing your views! Job well done my dear! 🙂

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