Saving Lives with Infant CPR

….or at least I’m now supposed to be able to save lives!


We had a 3 hour course last night on Infant CPR and general child safety. Talk about information overload mixed with an encompassing sense of boredom between the important bits.

The important bits being: Infant and Adult CPR, choking hazards, ways to dislodge something that a person is choking on, and all the ways and things a child WILL get something stuck in their nose. Boston Baked Beans seemed to be a crowd favorite. True story.

Did you know that CPR no longer requires breathing into the person?? Crazy right? It’s officially all about the chest compressions. Just keep on pumping!



On a real note- I’m glad we chose to educate ourselves (my Mom-in-law also attended with hubby and I) because in the worst case scenario, God forbid, we know what to do in an emergency!

I do ask, as an overall disclaimer, that you do not choke/go into cardiac arrest in front of me just to check my skills. That’s one heck of a Pass/Fail test, and I’d prefer to leave those back in my college days.

Cheers to knowledge- go learn something new today!

One thought on “Saving Lives with Infant CPR

  1. What can I add to this, nothing . . . because you’ve said it all! I’m so glad you and Jon were able to take this class as well as Denise. I think Mark should have to go it alone for a make up class! LOL! I think classes like this should be offered to everyone and not just to those who can pay the class fee. It’s so important to know what to do in case your little one (or anyone for that matter) needs immediate assistance and administer CPR. You and Jon are going to be GREAT parents!! 🙂

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