Klyde Warren Park… Take 1

This is a blog version of a #latergram.

Jon and I took Theä on her first major park outting a few weeks ago!  The weather in Dallas was perfect for a stroll through Klyde Warren Park.

Too bad she slept the whole time and didn’t seem too interested in fresh air, fun fountains, and free salsa lessons.
(can i still consider that alliteration??)

We had a blast though, and thanks to the Final Four in Dallas, we had some sweet letters to take photos with. What could be better than family time with giant basketball themed letters and a teeny tiny baby girl to push around?

I guess some gelato or a bacon cheeseburger would have made it all better – but hey! we were working with limited resources! 🙂



Raising an Amazon Child

Hubby and I are in UNCHARTED territory.

I’m not entirely sure how common it is to have a baby who is literally in uncharted territory.  As in, off the charts, crazy tall, for her age.

Parents and people friends, this is where it gets interesting.

Below is the standard chart from the CDC that shows the 5th – 95th Percentiles for height and Weight.  It’s safe to say that Theä is still in the 100th Percentile, a.k.a. Off the Stinkin Chart!

This makes the 2nd month in a row that she’s holding onto the 100th Percentile spot.  Will she ever slow down??  Am I raising a future supermodel?? The free trips to exotic locations WOULD be AMAZING. 🙂

…except right now, it’s a bit of an inconvenience.

  • Strangers surely think she’s a late blooming 6 month old – she’s as long as a 6 month old in the 52nd (average) Percentile.
  • All of her Size 6 Month pajamas and onesies are just about TOO SHORT.  Did I mention she’s only 3 months and 1 day old?
  • All of the “seasonally appropriate” clothes I bought for her for fall/winter time (on sale of course) are probably going to be useless. She’ll probably be in 9-12 month clothes in no time if this growth trend continues and it’ll be far too hot for long sleeves, hoodies, and pants in the Texas heat. Total bummer.

Overall, she’s got a great BMI of 16.64 – she’s actually slightly UNDERweight for her height.  Her optimum weight should be around 18 pounds.  Oddly enough, she’s actually eating less than she used to.  Weird??

Anywho, check out the “little” lady’s stats in these handy dandy charts below:

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Weight

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Weight 16

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Height

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Height 26″


Bedtime and Binge-Watching

Now that Theä has a pretty established bedtime of 8:00 – 8:30, hubby and I have been binge-watching Orphan Black.  We flew through Season 1 in NO TIME and now we’re bummed we actually have to wait a week between episodes.  Gosh, don’t they know Americans like #instantgratification??? Ugh.  But for real – that show is AHH-mazing.

Good news is we’ll have something else to binge watch come August…

THE KILLING is coming back for one last hurrah thanks to Netflix.  Looks like we’re gonna have to hop on that train.

As a new mommy, I have limited time in which to enjoy things that don’t include me saying, “Who’s my pretty girl?” & “You’re so happy!!! I love your smile!”.

Today’s news pretty much made my day.

#lame ? Possibly.

Do I care?? NO!