Klyde Warren Park… Take 1

This is a blog version of a #latergram.

Jon and I took Theä on her first major park outting a few weeks ago!  The weather in Dallas was perfect for a stroll through Klyde Warren Park.

Too bad she slept the whole time and didn’t seem too interested in fresh air, fun fountains, and free salsa lessons.
(can i still consider that alliteration??)

We had a blast though, and thanks to the Final Four in Dallas, we had some sweet letters to take photos with. What could be better than family time with giant basketball themed letters and a teeny tiny baby girl to push around?

I guess some gelato or a bacon cheeseburger would have made it all better – but hey! we were working with limited resources! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Klyde Warren Park… Take 1

  1. Hey Babe! It’s your BIGgest fan here!! Your mom! LOL! I loved all the pictures you shared from that days outing with Jon and Theä! I know it was an awesome day for the three of you! Thanks for sharing some of that day once more here on your blog! 🙂

    PS I hope my HTML coding works with my comment! We’ll see!

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