Sometimes, Chaos Ensues

Yesterday. Wow.
I’m so glad today is a new day. 

Chaos might just begin to be a good descriptor of what we experienced yesterday in our Life with Theä.

It starts like this…

Just another average get-up-and-hustle kind of morning. Except after Theä ate she was secured into that cozy/comfy car seat of hers and off we went on her first Day Trip.
The day’s agenda was to drive 2+ hours and arrive at the mud put they call Proctor Lake and hang at the family reunion for 4 or 5 hours. Sounds easy, right?

It was. 

Until… and hour and a half into the visit.

Theä was getting sleepy so it was time to go nap in my Meme and Papa’s (ultra-swanky, granite counter topped) camping trailer.  I brought all the essentials: baby monitor, sleep slack, quilt (that my Meme made) for the floor, etc.  We were set up for a wonderful napping experience in this new, strange place. Except… Theä started losing her marbles before we could even lay down and zip up her sleep sack.

I should have known that something weird was afoot.  Bird, as we call her, is a fantastic baby and rarely cries.

After zipping her up and letting her roll around and get somewhat comfortable among the cries, she became inconsolable.  I finally broke all of my own rules and picked her up.  I tried rocking with her, singing the ABC’s (she loves that), and just saying “SHHHH SHHHH” over and over in her ear. My tears were starting to well up and join hers on those little red cheeks.

30 minutes goes by.

She’s a wreck, bright red, can’t catcher her breath, and I’d already had to take of her sleep sack because she was burning up.  Suddenly she starts twitching her head to the side.  I noticed it once, twice, a few times, then it seemed to stop.

By this point Hubby has come in to see what’s going on because he knows something must be wrong – Theä is a great sleeper/napper and never throws a fit.  Then, she starts twitching her head again.  It seemed like she was trying to go into convulsions or a mild seizure. Whatever it was, it was terrifying.

We knew we had to go.

Hubby and I kicked into high gear, grabbed all the items that I had to carefully and methodically packed for our day at the lake with family, and rushed her to the car.  I was trying to keep it together in front of everyone, but as soon and we were in the car and the door shut… I lost it, for the 2nd or 3rd time. I’m not an “emotional” woman, but there’s nothing that compares to the heartbreak of seeing your helpless baby in distress. Nothing. 

a mother's love

What happens next is a miracle.

5-10 minutes into the car ride to the nearest town she stops twitching. Thank God.

15-20 minutes into the car ride she’s pretty well passed out and is almost breathing normally again.

30 minutes after leaving the lake and arriving in town she’s sound asleep and is cooling down.  She’s no longer hot to the touch and has stopped intermittently gasping for air.

We decide to press on and keep heading for home, about another hour and a half away.  Hubby feels like if she still shows signs of needing to see a doctor, we’d rather make it to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth than a hospital so far from home in a town with no real children’s facility.

Our instincts were on point, she continued to look better by the minute and by the time we arrived back home we felt we were in the clear and would continue to watch her. Last night she was abnormally grumpy, but ate well, peed well, and took several naps. All signs of her being “normal” with little reason to worry.

On the way home I rode in the back seat with her and after she fell asleep I looked about on the internet for what could have happened.  My best guess is heat exhaustion (though she didn’t show any signs while outside, under a canopy, with a decent breeze…) combined with a strange new place and sleepiness.  It was, after all, her first experience spending any amount of time outdoors that didn’t consist of being in a jogging stroller.

Although I missed out on really getting to visit with family that I so rarely see, I’m glad Hubby and I made the decision to head for the hospital just-in-case.  Theä and her health and wellbeing will always come first.

I learned through this experience to always trust the “better to be safe than sorry” theory, to never take her health and happiness for granted because that can change in a heartbeat, and to continue to trust my Mama Bear Instincts!!

For the “Mama Bears” reading this, I hope you know how fortunate we are to have these amazing little people in our lives.  There’s nothing like a “scare” to bring that into perspective.

keep calm mama bear





Raising an Amazon Child

Hubby and I are in UNCHARTED territory.

I’m not entirely sure how common it is to have a baby who is literally in uncharted territory.  As in, off the charts, crazy tall, for her age.

Parents and people friends, this is where it gets interesting.

Below is the standard chart from the CDC that shows the 5th – 95th Percentiles for height and Weight.  It’s safe to say that Theä is still in the 100th Percentile, a.k.a. Off the Stinkin Chart!

This makes the 2nd month in a row that she’s holding onto the 100th Percentile spot.  Will she ever slow down??  Am I raising a future supermodel?? The free trips to exotic locations WOULD be AMAZING. 🙂

…except right now, it’s a bit of an inconvenience.

  • Strangers surely think she’s a late blooming 6 month old – she’s as long as a 6 month old in the 52nd (average) Percentile.
  • All of her Size 6 Month pajamas and onesies are just about TOO SHORT.  Did I mention she’s only 3 months and 1 day old?
  • All of the “seasonally appropriate” clothes I bought for her for fall/winter time (on sale of course) are probably going to be useless. She’ll probably be in 9-12 month clothes in no time if this growth trend continues and it’ll be far too hot for long sleeves, hoodies, and pants in the Texas heat. Total bummer.

Overall, she’s got a great BMI of 16.64 – she’s actually slightly UNDERweight for her height.  Her optimum weight should be around 18 pounds.  Oddly enough, she’s actually eating less than she used to.  Weird??

Anywho, check out the “little” lady’s stats in these handy dandy charts below:

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Weight

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Weight 16

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Height

Theä Growth Chart 3 Months, Height 26″


Saving Lives with Infant CPR

….or at least I’m now supposed to be able to save lives!


We had a 3 hour course last night on Infant CPR and general child safety. Talk about information overload mixed with an encompassing sense of boredom between the important bits.

The important bits being: Infant and Adult CPR, choking hazards, ways to dislodge something that a person is choking on, and all the ways and things a child WILL get something stuck in their nose. Boston Baked Beans seemed to be a crowd favorite. True story.

Did you know that CPR no longer requires breathing into the person?? Crazy right? It’s officially all about the chest compressions. Just keep on pumping!



On a real note- I’m glad we chose to educate ourselves (my Mom-in-law also attended with hubby and I) because in the worst case scenario, God forbid, we know what to do in an emergency!

I do ask, as an overall disclaimer, that you do not choke/go into cardiac arrest in front of me just to check my skills. That’s one heck of a Pass/Fail test, and I’d prefer to leave those back in my college days.

Cheers to knowledge- go learn something new today!

A Parking Lot Travesty

I know I can’t be the only person thinking this, pregnant or not, as my husband has declared the same thought:

All Parking Lots and Establishments should have Expectant Mother Parking Spaces!!!

Take a hint from Babies R Us, people!!!

Baby Bump on Board!

Baby Bump on Board!

Maybe once a woman hits 28 weeks pregnant they should give us a temporary Handicap tag or some kind of sticker that allows for special parking privileges.  It really can’t be that hard to figure out a good system!

Parking towards the ass end of a parking lot while almost 34 weeks pregnant is bad for everyone involved! It’s bad for me when I really have got to pee, like ASAP, and it’s bad for others who may slow me down while I’m trying my best to scoot into the store without peeing my pants. Can you say, “Look of Death??!”

Yes. I will shoot you the stink eye if you block my path. Beware!

Also, in the case of rain, the parking lot and walk to the store becomes dangerous and hostile territory! It’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to a war zone.  It sucks having to move at a normal pace and not being able to quickly shuffle into the dry, cozy confines of Target with everyone else.  Becoming drenched in sudden Texas storms has become all too familiar.

Shuffling/hurrying in the rain = enemy #1 while pregnant.

What if you slip and fall on the slippery surface? What if while slipping and falling you pee your pants? These are all very real risks.

For all these reasons, and more, I’m just dying for everyone to jump on the bandwagon and help us Preggos out!!

Rant over.

Have a peachy weekend. 🙂

Gym Time With a Baby on Board

I like to work out.  I really honestly don’t mind it. There’s always just the hurdle of making it into a part of the everyday routine of life.
Cue the “Circle of Life”, Lion King style.

It’s hard enough to make it to the gym sometimes when pregnancy isn’t a factor, so add a growing baby bump to the equation and I’m fairly certain I should get an award for just getting in the car and heading that direction.  (Another award should be given IF I’ve remembered everything I need on my way out the door and don’t have to do the mid-driveway stop and reverse tactic to run back in and grab either headphones or a bottle of water or run for an emergency pee.)

With that said – I’m not some crazy gym rat that despite being pregnant hasn’t missed a workout and wants a metophorical pat on the back.  I’ve missed a slew of them. Too many to count. More than I’d like to admit.

I do however, make it to the gym. So there.

Whilst at the gym yesterday, some things occurred to me.  A giant lightbulb went off!

I picked this lightbulb because it somehow exuded a little bit of a punk attitude.  Can a lightbulb exude attitude? Absolutely.

I picked this lightbulb because it somehow exuded a little bit of a punk attitude. Can a lightbulb exude attitude? Absolutely.

My 1st Ah-Ha Moment:
I can only effectively and safely do about half of what I would normally do at the gym.  Lately, I can (at times) only do a third of what I used to do.  Why do I still have to pay full price?  

AHHHH! Do you hear me LA Fitness?? Could you help me out a bit?? 

Now, I know that my argument of “pregnant women can only do a fraction of what their former selves could” would not settle well with feminists, unrealistic women who have not yet hit 30+ weeks pregnant, and men.

It is however just some food for thought. Munch on it.

My 2nd Mind Boggler was this:
Why am I the only pregnant person in the gym, ever? 

Okay, maybe not ever, but I’ve only seen one other lady with a visible baby bump ONCE.  Once. That’s it!  (&& It was small enough that she could just be one of the unfortunate few who carry their extra weight in a most confusing way.)
Where are all the pregnant ladies that want to stay in some kind of decent physical condition?  I can’t imagine how awful I’d feel right now if I had just stopped moving altogether once pregnancy was a part of my reality.

I feel like everyone talks about how badly they’d like to get their pre-preggo body back… but isn’t maintaining a bit of your physical endurance and conditioning while pregnant a large part of that puzzle?  Interesting… yet another case of “we want all the results with no handwork”.  This momma-to-be don’t play that. K?

That’s my soapbox…

I clearly spent too much time thinking while on the treadmill yesterday so that I could avoid reading the Closed Captioned episode of Dr. Phil that was on the monitor in front of me. YUCK. No. Thank. You.

(This post is in no way intended to make anyone feel bad about not working out while pregnant.  There are a multitude of extenuating circumstances for many women during pregnancy and I’m just lucky enough to not have to go through them.  Love to all… T)