Holiday Craziness… OVER.


There’s nothing like surviving an incredibly busy holiday season – especially while pregnant.

It’s incredibly obvious that my journaling/blogging/entertaining myself efforts got dropped to the sidelines while we entertained family and friends from out of state (who luckily did not stay at my house – I wouldn’t’ve had the energy to keep up!).

It’s 2014, I’m back, and we’re on our last stretch of Operation Preggo.

As of today I’m 37 weeks pregnant and ready for Miss Theä to arrive.

Updates to come!

Happy New Year!



A Suggestion For My Future Self

Just a tip from me to you and to the future me…

It is NOT a GOOD idea to go on a 10-12 hour road trip while 32 weeks pregnant. Definitely not a good idea in any way shape or form.

Long, eventful, and stressful story short:

The trip from Dallas to Southern Illinois to visit my parents was a relative breeze!  A few more Pee Stops than the usual trip, but altogether not too bad.  I think my back hurt worse on the drive from Dallas to Houston the week before!

Visit with my parents was awesome – we even got snowed/iced in with winter storm Cleon.  10″ of snow fell in under 12 hours.  Awesome. Gorgeous. Rare.


The “awesome” snow then made life miserable.

Our road to travel on.... looks great eh?

Our road to travel on…. looks great eh?

Points of Misery:

  • We were forced to cut our visit short by a day to make sure that we’d make it home by Monday (we knew having to stay the night somewhere was a real possibility due to road conditions and traffic).
  • My dad had to tow us before we even got 20 yards from my parents’ back door.
  • There were inches of ice on the road in many spots in Illinois and Missouri.  Arkansas was only a mild improvement.
  • It took us 4 1/2 hours to go 45 miles at one point. I almost had to ask a family with an RV if I could pee in their camper. True Story.
  • I ate close to a dozen “Cuties” a.k.a. mandarin oranges the first day on the road.  I’m pretty sure my Nissan Juke still smells like citrus fruit. It could be worse.
  • We had to stop and spend the night in Texarkana, shortly after having to stop and eat at a Cracker Barrel in Little Rock.  Talk about a really classy night out with hubby
    • Plus side of our misadventure – the new Best Western PLUS concept is really nice!! Two thumbs up for their new line of hotels.
  • The second day of driving was terrible! I was super uncomfortable and hadn’t really gotten any sleep.  Talk about a rotten way to spend your morning.
This wasn't an uncommon sight on the trip.  Over turned and jack-knifed trucks were everywhere!

This wasn’t an uncommon sight on the trip. Over turned and jack-knifed trucks were everywhere!

I will never again take on such a huge trip while 8 months pregnant.

We’ve now been home for 2 days and I’m just now starting to feel better.  I felt like I’d been kicked by a horse, run over by a truck, put out of commission by a hangover, and to top it all off I ended up having some pretty uncomfortable stomach pains from all the stress and time cooped up in the car.

I’m glad to be home. Glad to be out of the car. && I’m now officially addicted to mandarin oranges.



Playing up those strengths (8 weeks To Go!)

The other day in the car Hubby could not stop scratching his nose.

No big deal right?


Beside it being super annoying…it’s one of those times when any normal person would just try to blow their nose to subdue the itchy situation.

Turns out, my Hubby is just a slight bit shy of normal (thank goodness) and won’t blow his nose.  He HATES to blow his nose.  I only just recently discovered that it’s because he doesn’t really know how to.

How nuts is that?  Not knowing how to properly blow one’s own nose… Ludicrous.

All of this to say that as we are getting closer to Baby Theä’s arrival (only 8 more weeks!) I’m beginning to realize that Hubby and I both have vastly different strengths and weaknesses.  We’ll both have our own quirks and talents to pass along to Theä as she grows up

Looks like I’ll get the royal gem of a task of eventually teaching her how to blow her nose, because God knows Hubby won’t be imparting that particular skill set.

As time goes on and insomnia lingers, I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more seemingly (spectacularly) unimportant talents that Hubby and I will get to pass on without the help of one another.

One thing’s for sure. Our little lady will never have to bother others around her with all sorts of snorting, scratching, and nose wrinkling to take care of an itch or a snotty situation.  It’s a miracle what something as small as a Kleenex can do…

Baby or Turkey??

On Thanksgiving  there was really only one question?

Is that a baby or a turkey in there? 🙂

Hubby is pretty sure it is in fact a baby, not a turkey.

Hubby is pretty sure it is in fact a baby, not a turkey.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  I was hoping to have a nice big dinner full of my holiday favorites – but Baby Theä was taking up far too much room in my tummy for me to even eat a 1/3 of what was on my plate!!

Is it okay if I conclude that with a lame hashtag?


I’ll be back to posting as usual this week!


There’s a Pineapple In WHERE??

According to some person with a sick sense of humor… Baby at 31 weeks is the size of a Pineapple.  It’s not that I’m opposed to pineapple, it’s an awesome, yummy, juicy tropical fruit.


A pineapple in my uterus.  Not a comforting or appealing thought, really.

This is apparently the best they could come up with in the terrifying fruit comparison department.

This is apparently the best they could come up with in the terrifying fruit comparison department.

All I can think of are those tiny little spiky scales on the side of the fruit (Fun Fact: The more scales the juicier the fruit!) and the giant, imposing spiked leaves on top. Does that sound like anything you’d like anywhere near your insides?  Let alone how you’d like to picture you’re future child? … I think NOT! 

Please, dear writers of, think before you Fruitify my child.

The Countdown Begins…

Ahhh! Is it really that close?

Ahhh! Is it really that close?

I can’t believe it, but that’s all that’s really left.  Actually, slightly less than a full 10 weeks because I’m late on starting the Theä-cracy blog! haha 

In the coming days and weeks I’ll be chronicaling our journey to Theä’s due date and beyond.

I’m definitely entering the stressful/uncomfortable/my-hormones-will-kill-you-if-you-annoy-me phase.

This should get really interesting really soon.