Diaper Bag … a.k.a. A Ton of Bricks

So, I have this awesome habit of carrying way too many superfluous items…. a.k.a. “crap” as my husband would categorize it.

I currently carry a GIANT Kate Spade bag as my everyday purse. It’s the “Kingsbury Park” Large Catalina – big enough to feed my addiction of being overly prepared and carrying my entire house with me.

This is my current everyday bag.  It's Massive, and Patent Leather... Perfect Combo.

This is my current everyday bag. It’s Massive, and Patent Leather… Perfect Combo.

Naturally, being a handbag whore, I had my eyes set on the diaper bag of my dreams long before ever actually being pregnant. Go figure, my family wasn’t surprised.

I knew I had to have a Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag. It was a no brainer… and thanks to my mom-in-law who knows my vices all too well, she made it happen and I’m now the proud owner of this polka dotted beauty, complete with matching changing pad.

The Stevie Baby Bag... epic in every way!

The Stevie Baby Bag… epic in every way!

My parents then filled the bag with all the fun goodies – two giant accessory pouches and the matching wallet.  Theä and I are two lucky ladies! 🙂

Only problem is that Theä has yet to arrive yet… and the bag is already packed to the brim and heavy as a ton of bricks.  This is undoubtably due to my over zealous nature of needing to have EVERYTHING in my bag/purse.  I know I have especially over prepared because I have NO idea what I’m in for.  I’ve literally equipped my bag so that I’m ready for any situation. 

Looks like I’ll be developing quite the arm and shoulder strength as I will be toting around the Baby Bag and my usual everyday purse.  

Ah… the impending joys (and muscle strength) of motherhood.





Frumpy and Grumpy

These two words pretty much sum up today’s attitude.

Here are the Facts:

I’m wearing UGGs, leggings, and quite possible the ugliest/most shapeless thick grey maternity sweater.  Imagine that – a shapeless maternity sweater.  How dare they?  

I’m essentially the walking definition of FRUMP! haha

This is the sweater in violation of every fashion rule my Non-Preggo self would typically adhere to:

Don't be fooled as I was! This is really just an expensive potato sack, sans the burlap.

Don’t be fooled as I was! This is really just an expensive potato sack, sans the burlap.

As for the GRUMPY….

Did you read any of the words above?  I’m walking around in a grey knit POTATO SACK!

This should be just cause and reason enough for deflating one’s normally bright and cheery disposition.

Huge props to my awesome Hubby, who despite my apparent penchant for early 20th century farm attire, insists that I’m a very cute and sexy (both at once? That’s a tall order…) preggo lady.

He must be crazy!