Bedtime and Binge-Watching

Now that Theä has a pretty established bedtime of 8:00 – 8:30, hubby and I have been binge-watching Orphan Black.  We flew through Season 1 in NO TIME and now we’re bummed we actually have to wait a week between episodes.  Gosh, don’t they know Americans like #instantgratification??? Ugh.  But for real – that show is AHH-mazing.

Good news is we’ll have something else to binge watch come August…

THE KILLING is coming back for one last hurrah thanks to Netflix.  Looks like we’re gonna have to hop on that train.

As a new mommy, I have limited time in which to enjoy things that don’t include me saying, “Who’s my pretty girl?” & “You’re so happy!!! I love your smile!”.

Today’s news pretty much made my day.

#lame ? Possibly.

Do I care?? NO!